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About Enhanced Editions

“Enhanced Editions have been as successful as they have because they understand our books and that when we publish and market in the digital space, we need ideas and executions as creative as our authors’ imaginations.
John Bond, Managing Director, 4th Estate and HarperPress

Enhanced Editions is a small team made up of experienced and passionate publishers, editors, technologists, designers and film-makers. One way or another, we’ve all been involved with the publishing industry (and the web) for a long time.

Based in the UK, the Enhanced Editions team has, in other guises been behind some of the more forward-looking web and publishing projects in recent years. From The Bookseer to The Golden Notebook25th Estate, to Granta MagazineBookkake to BookTwo, we’re proud to have been described both as among the “Most Influential” people in UK publishing and among the British Council’s publishing entrepreneurs of the year.

Whilst we’re evangelical about new technology and the web, we’re also committed to the future of the book and indeed the publishing industry. In fact, we have long-since seen the destiny of the latter bound to its embrace of the former.

Enhanced Editions was, in part, born out of a blog post just days after Apple launched the App store in 2008. Seeing the opportunity of both the iPhone as a multimedia device, and the App store as a distribution channel, we set ourselves the mission of making the reading software that Apple themselves would make (if they believed in such things).

That task involved rethinking the ebook, and ignoring much of the newly-minted (and monochrome) received wisdom about what ebooks should look like, and what devices they’re suitable for. It also meant pooling our collective experience of working with publishers to translate books to the web and other media in ways that delight readers.

A year on and we’re launching with an amazing suite of books, combined with what we feel are – literally – enhancements to the reading experience rather than interventions made for technology’s sake.

Not all of our planned features are live yet – we’re holding some of these back for now, and working like demons on others. The truth is that we don’t know if these Apps represent “the future of publishing” or “the future of the book”. We hope that you’ll let us know what you think about that, or give direction on bugs, new features and other ideas.

Right now, we’re delighted to think that the launch titles are great, we’re proud of them, and we’ve reached a point where we want to find out what our readers think of them. Over to you.



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