Why Quinoa Should Be Your Next Health Food Choice

A vegan friend of mine was going on and on about how quinoa was such a marvelous food. I finally gave in and he told me a few fascinating facts about this plant grain which is also defined as a cereal. The great advantage for him as a vegan is that quinoa is chock full of protein and provides a great supply of amino acids which are really the building blocks of the body. That is one reason why body builders love it as it is a complete protein. But the other advantages are notable for ordinary guys like you and me.

The history of quinoa

The Incas regarded this grain as sacred and it is no surprise to learn that they called it the ‘mother of all grains’. It can grow in all sorts of climates and is not so dependent on water. That is one reason why the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) has listed it as a super crop. It is easy to grow and harvest.

Mega Healthy Pancakes

Mega Healthy Pancakes

The great health benefits of quinoa

It reassembles in many ways the well known grains and cereals such as soya, wild rice, chia seeds and buckwheat. When you ground it to flour, it is gluten free so that is another reason for its popularity. The other benefits are that it is low in calories. It is also a complex carbohydrate which means that it provides fiber for the body and also can be a great help in fighting weight gain, avoiding diabetes and also preventing heart disease. It has all the major vitamins that you need and is full of antioxidants which can fight off the free radicals to help preserve cell growth.

Introducing quinoa into your cooking

There are lots of ways of using quinoa in your daily diet. I know lots of friends who use it in salads and others who even make porridge from it. It is a great substitute for white rice and couscous especially when you want a healthy change. You can cook it just like rice in a rice cooker but cooking it in the normal way is also fine. My vegan friend told me that he loves to add it to salads containing broccoli and seeds plus a little mint. I also have used it with other salads which contain my favorite cheese such as mozzarella or cottage cheese. Add it into soups as well. You can even use it to make delicious puddings and other desserts.

Gluten-Free Healthy Food Choices

Gluten-Free Healthy Food Choices

A few simple precautions

We should always remember to wash quinoa thoroughly before using it in any form as it is covered in a toxic natural chemical known as saponin. This is rather like a detergent so it sometimes added to water for washing clothes and so on. I know a few people who find its taste rather strong so it may take some getting used to. Apart from these considerations, it really is one of the healthiest food choices you can make.

When my vegan friend asked me how I was getting on with quinoa, I was happy to tell him that it is now a regular addition to our diet.

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Effects Of Debt Consolidation On Loan Repayment Terms


Credit card debt consolidation is the process of combination of all your outstanding dues into a single loan. It entails making single monthly payments to your creditors. This can be efficiently done by seeking a consolidation loan or using a management company or a debt consolidation. On obtaining a debt consolidation loan, all the proceeds is used to cater for the outstanding credit cards. This process therefore converts all the multiple debts into a single financial obligation. The amount of payments made on monthly basis is dependent on a number of factors like the payment terms of the consolidation obligation, the rate of interest and the total amount. The following are some of the factors you should take into consideration when determining whether credit card debt consolidation is in your best interest.

a) Affordability to pay off your credit cards

The process of consolidation of your credit card debt does not clear the debt. It may help reduce your periodical payments but you still have to clear your debts. Consolidating your credit card will be of little or no assistance to you if you lack a stable and consistent income stream. Inability to paying up your credit cards calls for other considerations such as bankruptcy or debt negotiation.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Consolidation Loans

b) Effects of Credit card debt consolidation on Interest rates

This acts as one of the beneficial aspects of consolidating your credit card debt. A reduction in interest rates leads to a reduction in your periodical payment obligations and eventually you will be able to clear your debt in a faster and timely manner. The process can make you part with some amount of money but this is only worth it if you are able to gain the benefits of paying up lesser amounts of interest rates.

c) Effects of Credit card debt consolidation on the payback period

It is not advisable to make an assumption that there is a reduction in the total amount of debt payment from the significant reduction in the interest rates. The process of credit card debt consolidation sometimes can reduce the amount of periodical payments you make. The lower your periodical debt repayments is, the longer the terms of repayments. It may take you a longer time to pay off your credit card debt especially if your repayment term is extended through the consolidation process. This therefore means that a more manageable loan repayment may stretch overtime and eventually amount to a higher repayment.

Have you ever heard the term debt consolidation?

Have you ever heard the term debt consolidation?

Credit card debt consolidation is therefore an advisable financial tool to be used to control the complexity of your debt repayments. It gives you a less stressful and manageable option which enables you to repay your debts in good time. With the less rigid payment structures, it encourages you to take more loans. Consolidation of your credit card debt can best be re-examined by considering your income level, interest rates and payback period. Its favorable terms do reduce the amount of the debt but instead converts the rigid single debts into a consolidation loan which gives you a different approach to debt repayment.

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How To Effectively Host A Successful Meeting


Hosting any kind of a business meeting requires not only good planning but also a well laid strategy to achieve its goals. A proper structure is required then the hosting personnel must stick to it. If you are dealing with your business partners or clients then your credibility and worthiness’ in them is achieved and maintained. Meetings in an organization brings employees together thus organizing how various tasks are to be tackled as well as setting the team goals and how to achieve them.

Advantages of a well-organized meeting

  • Through meetings one develops work skills alongside leadership skills.

  • They a tool of empowering those attending it

  • Morale boosting tools

  • Meetings offer a great communication way



Poorly organized meeting in the other hand may form factors for time wasting, lack of focus in the meeting; attendees might always be unprepared as well as having too many unnecessary meetings.

Early preparation for the meeting

Make sure that the meeting is well known to the members involved early in advance. This will give the members adequate time to prepare and also seek clarity where necessary. In the process of communicating establish some of the materials required by the attendees. If you are providing some facilities such as food, pens etc. let them know. For those coming from outside the town ensure they have a clear map of the meeting location, if need be highlight near hotels. Capture the areas the attendees should avoid or nice and interesting place they can visit in case they arrive early.

Have the agenda ready

A list of the topics to be covered in the meeting should be ready early in advance. By distributing the agenda the participants can set their minds ready ahead of time. Less time will be wasted throughout the meeting.

How to Host a Virtual Meeting or Web Conference

How to Host a Virtual Meeting or Web Conference

Make sure the meeting place is in order

Ascertain that there is enough space for everyone including the guests. If there is a written schedule distribute copies to everyone. Observe proper sitting arrangement ensuring that everyone is comfortable.

Observing of time and Schedule

Many people have suffered through meetings which started late and took long time. Adhere to the set timelines .if at start time there are few member proceed with the meeting as others join. Prolonged meeting with bring boredom and take the concentration of the participants away hence nothing much is achieved.

Invite participation through inclusion

A meeting can be good only when every participant with an idea is given a chance bring forward. This will ensure that you keep track on the agenda other than maneuvering to other useless businesses. Unless the meeting is purely for information dissemination, delegate the assignments arising from the discussion to members ascertaining that each person allocated a tasks has agreed to take it.

Solicit for feedback

Immediately after concluding the meeting, try to summarize the outcomes, timelines as well as the assignments then send a copy to the attendees. The reactions on how the meeting went home will give you a chance to improve or better to issues which attracted positive comment. Relations can be built from further interaction with the attendees.


Hosting a meeting is a process not just a formality. Proper planning and execution of it determines how successful the meeting is.

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